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Famous for her wonderful voice and the power of her recitals, the project acronym is a tribute to Maria Callas, the great singer who changed forever the way opera is performed.

CALLAS (the acronym stands for Conveying Affectiveness in Leading-edge Living Adaptive Systems) is a integrated project funded by the European Commission under FP6. The project was selected for funding among proposals sent in answer to FP6-2005-IST-5 Call , Strategic objective Multimodal Interfaces (2.5.7), running from November 2006 to April 2010. In the project vision ambitious research challenges are pursued together with the goal of reducing the cost and the complexity of development of multimodal interfaces in the Digital Entertainment and Information context. Results of the project include:
  • a set of components (the Shelf components) which can be used to generate emotionally-aware user interfaces (or Affective Multimodal Interfaces).
  • working interoperability between components  via the  CALLAS Framework, released as Open Source
  • APIs to 3rd party developers through which the shelf components and emotional model might be accessed
  • a set of embryonic examples of emotional multimodal applications, showcasing the potential of CALLAS technology in the context of New Media
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