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Home All Events 13/May/09 CALLAS at OI'09

13/May/09 CALLAS at OI'09

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CALLAS NEWS: CALLAS position paper presented at OpenInterface, Bonn

CALLAS project participated to the workshop organised by OpenInterface in Bonn, Germany on May13,2009.
Follow-up of contacts started since the beginning of the project, the session was attended by Diego Arnone from ENGINEERING Ingegneria Informatica (ENG is coordinating partner in CALLAS). He presented the advances in design and development of the CALLAS Framework, that will significantly reduce the complexity of developments of affective multimodal applications for artists and application developers not skilled in the theories of multimodality and affective interfaces: one of the specific objectives of the CALLAS project.
Reference position paper: "An Open Source Integrated Framework for Rapid Prototyping of Multimodal Affective Applications in Digital Entertainment" by Diego Arnone, Massimo Bertoncini. See Abstract and Download option.

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