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Home All Events 24-28/Aug/09 CALLAS at Interact'09

24-28/Aug/09 CALLAS at Interact'09

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CALLAS NEWS: CALLAS paper accepted at Interact 2009, Uppsala

Next INTERACT 2009, the 12th IFIP TC13 Conference in Human-Computer Interaction, will focus on research that is reflected in real-world applications, considering the relation between theory and practice, an old issue that is becoming increasingly important. Discussions will investigate if HCI has been able to contribute to better IT use and if existing methods and tools for the design of usable systems are sufficient or if there is still a need for new and better processes, methods and tools for systems development. Both practitioners and researchers will discuss research and methods for mutual benefit.

In this context the CALLAS Consortium is pleased to announce that a CALLAS paper has been accepted and it will be illustrated at INTERACT 2009 Paper session: Multimodal Interfaces 3.
The reference paper deals with the evaluation of a Theater production of Studio Azzurro (SAZ is a member in CALLAS) on Galileo Galilei, based on CALLAS and performed in Milan (IT) at Teatro degli Arcimboldi.
Reference paper: "Bodily Explorations in Space: Social Experience of a Multimodal Art Installation" by Giulio Jacucci (TKK), Anna Spagnolli (HTLab) , Alessandro Chalambalakis (HTLab), Ann Morrison (TKK), Lassi Liikkanen (TKK), Stefano Roveda (SAZ) , Massimo Bertoncini (ENG)
See Abstract.

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