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Common Touch video

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First Prototype: touching anywhere on the white surface reveals the black surface underneath. Sometimes touching also reveals slogans. Revealing a part of a slogan makes a new slogan appear.

Second Prototype: here the display is more uncluttered than before. Also it deals with larger number of slogans, in French and English. Touching the hidden parts of slogans reveals a word. If possible, it also makes a new slogan appear, everytime away from the initial touch and mostly above it, in order to coerce people to raise their arm.

Third Prototype: in this version, another level of interaction has been added for exploration: events, e.g. touching with several fingers and hands revealing the whole slogan, make the slogans movable but still attracted to the top so that people are coerced to raise their arm. In addition, the size of a slogan is function of its altitude on the screen.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 May 2010 16:21