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Euclide Video

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EUCLIDE: Bit and Bold the tale of Snow-white, video on Giallo Mare Minimal Theatre
EUCLIDE: Fan Club on Facebook
EUCLIDE:  playing the jumping game. Here the game is about jumping: the puppet is persuading the kids to jump, by sayng that he would change his costume if the kids jump. He also jumps with the kids sometimes. If the kids stop jumping the puppet asks if they wanted to jump more.
EUCLIDE:  playing Uno Due Tre Stella. Here the game is about touching the puppet: he would close his eyes and say "Uno, Due, Tre, Stella" and then open his eyes. You can only move if his eyes are close. IF he sees you moving, you have to go back to the starting position.
EUCLIDE: Live conversational interface with Emotional Character
EUCLIDE: early stage experimentation at IED

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 May 2010 14:06