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Home All Events 17/May/10 CALLAS at Pervasive'10

17/May/10 CALLAS at Pervasive'10

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CALLAS NEWS: CALLAS at Pervasive 2010 Helsinki

CALLAS will participate to the 8th International Conference on Pervasive Computing within the workshop “Designing for Crowd” (May 17). The emphasis is on investigating interaction with technology in public and semi-public places, where crowded places are a major feature of these settings. The Common Touch CALLAS Showcase will be presented by representatives of AALTO and TEES, members in CALLAS.

A CALLAS Paper will be presented at the event:
"The Common Touch: Aesthetic and affective interaction in semi-public settings" – By C.Coutrix [AALTO], I. Avdouevski [AALTO], G.Jacucci[AALTO], V.Vervondel[TEES], S. Gilroy[TEES], M. Cavazza [TEES]