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Exploitation Opportunities

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The major objective of CALLAS is to prove the feasibility of a unified approach to multimodal affective computing developments, made easier and affordable despite their technological and scientific complexity. Showcases as scientific prototypes, and Proof-of-Concepts applications serve this target, but  also existing applications can be easily adapted to CALLAS technology (some examples have been commented in CALLAS Newsletters.

A working example is Studio Azzurro, that applied know-how acquired in the project to several original pieces of art boosting them with CALLAS technology: in Galileo in Hell, Orchestra Volante and Bit & Bold.

Similarly occurred for the miniopera shown at  SibaFest2008 by The Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.
altThose experiences can be replicated: you all can do it with CALLAS. Our project is sponsoring the early adoption of CALLAS technology to promote innovation and put effort in technology transfer.

Exploitation is not limited to art and entertainment, other sectors can benefit of the approach: this and more can be debated at our C³ CALLAS Community Club.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 August 2010 21:30