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Home All Events 1/Feb/08: SibaFest'08

1/Feb/08: SibaFest'08

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A novel miniopera, specifically written and composed with digital staging in mind, was on show during the SibaFest festival in Helsinki. manifesto of virtual affective music rendering

Watch the recording of Virtuaali /Virtuoosi at SibaTV

The Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
applied CALLAS digital techniques  to the performance. Performers were given more freedom with real interaction with the virtual stage, and the stage became not just a static background, but a narrative element which the performers controlled and interacted with. stage for emotional music representation
Research related elements will be presented to  ARTECH2008, where a specific Paper will be discussed:

By Kajastila R., Takala T [The Helsinki Institute for Information Technology]
"Interaction in Digitally Augmented Opera" Abstract

 Line up:
Inkariina Simola (libretto, direction, lights),
Ville Raasakka (composition),
Raine Kajastila (virtual stage and sound design),
Nazanin Aghakhani (conductor),
Eija Mizohata (costumes),
Ann-Marie Heino (Alice),
Waltteri Torikka (Vorotov),
Emil Holmström (piano),
Risto-Matti Marin (piano),
Ville Syrjäläinen (percussions),
Jussi Markkanen (percussions)
actor's emotion during the theatrical piece

 For more information:
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